React.js LLM Agent for next generation coding

ReactAgent is an experimental autonomous agent that uses GPT-4 language model to generate and compose React components from user stories. It is built with React, TailwindCSS, Typescript, Radix UI, Shandcn UI, and OpenAI API.

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ReactAgent v0.1.0

I've been working in the couple of months on an experiment, trying to make GPT-4 much more useful for web development / React, writing production code that is relevant to any repository without copypasta from ChatGPT or having small snippets of auto-complete from Copilot that are not in your context. The agent is taking a user story text and generating and composing multiple react components to generate the relevant screens, based on atomic design principles, with Typescript, TailwindCSS and RadixUI.

It is still experimental but very interesting results, It is completely open-sourced, looking for contributors!

👨‍💻 Demo

🚀 Features

  • Generate React Components from user stories
  • Compose React Components from existing components
  • Use a local design system to generate React Components
  • Use React, TailwindCSS, Typescript, Radix UI, Shandcn UI
  • Built with Atomic Design Principles